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Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How often should I have my property inspected?”

We recommend an inspection every two to three years. We can usually catch problems early enough to correct them with minimal expense

Is Prime Exterminators a reputable company?

Yes. Prime Exterminators was started in 1999 by Patrick Smith. Patrick also worked for Prime Exterminators since 1989, in Southern California. He came to San Jose to start a branch office for them in 1994 and then bought them out in 1999. Most of our business is generated by referral. We still have dozens of clients that started using us in 1995 and 1996.

Do you offer a yearly service program, like some other companies do?”

No, we do not offer a yearly program. We suggest that you simply call us for a completely new inspection whenever you feel it is necessary. If you wish an inspection yearly we would be glad to do it. In our experience the yearly service agreements are not worth close to what you have to pay for them. Most of the companies who offer them pay their inspectors on commission and the service agreement is just another way to generate revenue. From our experience, the follow up inspections are usually performed with little or no thoroughness.

Is there a way I can protect my property from termites?

Yes, there is to some extent. Here are just a few:

  • Maintain the sealing and paint around the property
  • Keep exterior soil below any framing and keep it off any wood siding or trim
  • Have Prime Exterminators perform a full inspection and follow what we suggest
  • We will identify any conducive conditions for you so you can remedy them before they become a bigger problem
Why should I choose your company over another company?”

Because we have integrity! We are not going to tell you that you need to do things that are not really necessary. We are not going to attempt to “sell” you things that are not needed.  We do not operate on commission. We perform repairs and treatments to the highest of industry standards and try our best to keep it affordable, usually 10% below our competition.

Why would I want the same company who inspected my house to also make money off the repairs? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?”

It can be!  But, if the company is honest and reputable such as we are it doesn’t really make a difference.  The problem with having a handyman or general carpenter perform the repairs is that they are not licensed, trained or familiar with many of the things we repair or problems we encounter on a daily basis.  Carpenters and handymen do not know (in many cases) how much fungus infected wood to remove, or the experience to stop the cause of the problem.  We are licensed to find it, determine the cause of it, and correctly replace it.  We are required to attend 16 hours of continued education between license renewals.  This keeps us current on new techniques, new chemicals and regulations.  We would not stay in business very long if we took advantage of people.  We would never discourage a customer from getting a second opinion if they were not 100% in trusting us.  Is it a conflict of interest to take your car to your mechanic that you trust, listen to what he has to say about your cars problems and then pay him to repair it?  It is all about trust and honesty, of which Prime Exterminators takes very seriously.

Is it true that all houses have termites?

No. Many houses we inspect from two years old to fifty years old do not have termites.  The reasons for not having them might be maintenance, bi-annual inspections and the location of the property. Just because your neighbor has termites does not automatically mean you also have them, but it is likely.

If I have termites (drywood termites) does it mean my house has to “tented”

No. not always. If we feel that the infestation likely extends into areas we cannot see then we will probably recommend fumigation. It is generally the most cost effective treatment with an excellent kill ratio. We can perform a local treatment of many different kinds that can be effective, to some extent. We will honestly tell you all the options and the chances of them really working. Any termite company that tells you they will locally treat and kill your termites after lets say Prime Exterminators tells you your house needs to be fumigated is not being truthful to you. What their guarantee really means is that you won’t see the termites in the same area for a while. And when you do guess what? Did you read the fine print in the contract that you signed!

Does Prime Exterminators install and monitor subterranean termite bait stations?

No, we do not. In our opinion bait stations are just a way to create revenue. If you have an inspection and we find subterranean termites, we can treat them for you for much less then the bait stations cost to maintain. Have us do your bi-yearly inspections and you should be just fine. If we found that they came up somewhere else we can treat that area too. Your costs will still be less then the bait stations. We do not find that the bait stations really work very well. Prime Exterminators can get bait stations and sell them just like any other company, but we choose not to.