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We offer complete and impartial termite inspections; whether a private homeowner or agent, we offer everyone the same great pricing. Our prices are very competitive and honest; generally 10 to 30% less than our competition with the same quality and professionalism you’d expect.


We are a small and privately owned company. All local treatments are done in house to offer you the best pricing possible. Our fumigations are subcontracted out to a company that we’ve worked with very closely for years, providing our customers with the best pricing for fumigating your home.


We understand the concerns of a seller or buyer of a property. Our staff will take the time to go over the reports and findings so you have a better understanding of what is going on with your home.


Providing service to our community since 1999, our company is built on honesty and our owner has over 20 years of termite experience and knowledge.

Prime Exterminators - Termite+Inspection+only

Termite Inspection Only

Up to 2000 Sq.Ft.$250.00
2001 to 3000$280.00
3001 to 4000$320.00
4001 to 5000$420.00
(under 2000Sq.Ft.)
$225.00 (If no garage-otherwise full price)

Termite + Home Inspection

Up to 2000 Sq.Ft.$695.00
2001 to 3000$745.00
3001 to 4000$855.00
4001 to 5000$1,055.00
(under 2000Sq.Ft.)
$ 580.00 (if no garage-otherwise full price)
Prime Exterminators - Termite+Home+Inspection
Prime Exterminators - Termite + Home + Roof Inspection

Termite + Home + Roof Inspection

Up to 2000 Sq.Ft.$795.00
2001 to 3000$845.00
3001 to 4000$965.00
4001 to 5000$1,175.00
(under 2000Sq.Ft.)
$ 680.00 (if no garage-otherwise full price)

Termite + Home + Roof + Chimney Inspection

Call for pricing, typically $190 for cleaning, inspection and report

*prices subject to change

Prime Exterminators - Termite + Home + Roof + Chimney Inspection

Our Credibility

  • Prime Exterminators Credibility Bay Area’s Most Trusted Termite Inspectors since 1999
  • Prime Exterminators Credibility We’ve completed over 8000 Residential and Commercial Fumigations
  • Prime Exterminators Credibility We’ve performed more than 25,000 Termite Inspections.
  • Prime Exterminators CredibilityWe’re Experienced Inspectors, not sales people
  • Prime Exterminators CredibilityWe do it all, from residential dwellings to multi-unit commercial buildings
  • Prime Exterminators CredibilityWe are known for our honest work and friendly service
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