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The Truth About Orange Oil

Orange oil is a marketing tool to play on people wanting to go green. Going green and having your termites taken care of with the least amount of toxic exposure is not a bad thing. We all want that, and most termite companies can provide that. The big advertisers of recent months may be charging consumers 200% and more for “their” orange oil then other companies would charge for their Green products and promising to eliminate all your termites. If you believe that then you stay away from all salesmen! Dozens of green products are either better or just as good as d-limonene (orange oil). All of them are only local treatments and have no “transfer effect” (except imidacloprid and fipronil), meaning they only kill what they touch.  The “wicking” mentioned in the commercials is a huge exaggeration!

Did you know there are many, many non toxic or hardly toxic chemicals for eliminating termites? There are products containing thyme oils, rosemary oils, peppermint oils, wintergreen oils, mineral oils and borates.
Orange oil is D-limonene. D-limonene contains Terpene and Terpenoid. Terpenes are natural products derived from plants.
“The biological and ecochemical functions of terpenes have not yet been fully investigated!” However, this is taken from a 2007 study.

All the chemicals we normally use (except Vikane gas) carry the signal word “CAUTION”, (including orange oil) indicating it is a catigory 3 chemical by level of toxicity. All of these chemicals including orange oil say “ harmful if inhaled”. They are all potentially toxic and should be handled that way.

All of the other chemicals we regularly use (imidacloprid, fipronil, Eco-Pco and Eco-Exempt) for local treatments, have been extensively tested for long periods of time for any and all possible exposure and -long term effect hazards , including Vikane gas, the product used to fumigate a house. These chemicals have more health information then some orange oil products.

A series of studies was conducted that investigated the toxicity of d-limonene (>99% pure) in both rats and mice. In the first of the preliminary range-finding studies, doses ranging from 413-6600 mg/kg/day were administered by gavage in corn oil to five animals. All but 2/20 rats and 1/20 mice that were administered 3300 and 6600 mg/kg/day died. D-limonene also serves as a paint stripper when applied to painted wood.

D-limonene is combustible, (Its flash point is 115 degrees) and limonene has also been considered as a bio-fuel!

Why would you depend on an untested “marketing tool” to rid you of your problem when you could use something proven and tested?
Limonene and its oxidation products are skin and respiratory irritants.

“Never forget that local treatment (with any chemical) is not intended to be an entire structure treatment method and cannot be advertised as such. Infestations of wood destroying pests which extend beyond the treated area may not be eliminated.” Even the old tried and true pyrethrins (from chrysanthemum flowers) are no more toxic to you then household cleaners once the piperonyl butoxide is removed and replaced with other synergists (piperonyl butoxide is a synergist that is toxic in itself. It is what is mixed with pyrethrin to escalate its power as an insecticide).

If you want a local treatment, have a local company like Prime Exterminators who has been around since 1999 help you choose what is right for you. We will give you REAL options, lots of choices, and honesty too.

We don’t want to fumigate every house we visit. Even if we suggest you fumigate, if you do not wish to we will give you all the options at our disposal, with our opinion and experience to back it up.

You should also check out the Structural Pest Control Boards website at www.pestboard.ca.gov. Take a peek at the companies peddling their orange stuff. See how long they have been in the Bay Area, and see how much experience their inspectors have. You will find they have not been around long, and their inspectors have flipped flopped from other companies (why) or have just recently been issued a license to “professionally” inspect your home.

I wouldn’t want an inexperienced person fixing my car, you shouldn’t want an inexperienced person telling you what your property needs; especially when he only has one option! Contact us.

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